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For completing an offer to one of our largest customers, we had to build an innovative proof of concept solution to showcase our abilities in just under two weeks time. Involving a completely new implementation with the Ventuz platform and Multitaction screens, the right professionals were almost impossible to be found on such a short notice.


In what seemed like an extremely under-resourced and difficult situation, the guys at Fast Development Company were very responsive and found us some of the most capable developers in just under two working days. While the developers were picked based on the particular programming skills for our case, it was also great to see them very motivated by the task in question and eager to keep learning.


In a record breaking time, we succeeded in convincing our customer better than we had expected was even possible. We’ve continued using the services of FDC in some of our Node.js projects later on.

Tomas Westerholm, CEO at Zoan Visuals Oy

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  • How and when do I book a seat for the course?

    In order to hear about our latest upcoming courses kindly subscribe to our mailing list for events-only. You can also follow us on social media like Facebook to hear about upcoming courses. You can book a course by clicking Get your seat button on this page. You can also contact us directly for us to book a seat for you.

  • What is my benefit from the course?

    Our courses are all about advanced technologies. The solutions, technologies, methodologies and techniques that we teach can be implemented instantly in your working environment. We teach the most sought after technological skills. Upgrade the knowledge of your workforce.

  • Can a company order a special course?

    Yes. A company can order a special course when the topic is related to: a development framework, AI or various types of programming languages and technologies. We can tailor our solutions to your needs. The arrangements and location will be discussed with the company on a per case basis.

  • What should I bring with me to the course?

    You should have a laptop with a suitable text editor installed. Sublime or Atom is recommended. Pen and notebook is useful for taking important notes. If our course has sauna availability, take a towel. We also recommend to recap the basics of JS to bring the syntax back fresh in your mind. With a positive, open-minded and motivated attitude you will definitely go far!

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