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Fun community, great teachers and of course a very welcoming developer-minded environment. Learn by doing and present your newly acquired knowledge to others.

After the course we also invite you to a company hosted evening, where you'll enjoy food & drinks together with your new course friends. All on the house? Of course. What could be better.

Fun, Food and Learning.
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Great teachers, nice that a good boilerplate/starterpack was available. Thank you!

Great time and great people. I think it was awesome to meet people from different places and good to learn a HOT library. Thanks!

I think the event was really useful. This is the first time I learned something in such a way. ReactJS was a little bit hard for me as I only started learning JavaScript, but I’m glad I came and I got all the way to excercise number 9 by the end of the lessons. The teachers and presentations were awesome! Thank you!

It was fun. Relaxed atmosphere allowed me to learn stuff on my own while breezing through the exercises. Met interesting people and got to help them.

Event was awesome, and the lecture was well-prepared!

Fun event and hope to see these more in the future!

Pretty good intro to ReactJS basics, but a bit too easy for an intermediate AngularJS developer. Presentations were short and sweet, not boring or forced at all. Learned a lot. Received a lot of help from the advisors.

The learning was fun and I actually learned something. Had no experience of React from before and now I know how I would start developing with it. Had a few nice talks here and there too. Maybe make sure that there is enough table space and enforce pair programming as well?

Student FAQ

Please send an e-mail to if you've got more questions, or require further clarification.
We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible.

  • How and when can I apply to the course?

    In order to hear about our latest upcoming courses, kindly subscribe to our mailing list for events-only. You can also follow us on social media like Facebook to hear about the upcoming courses. You can book a course by clicking Get your seat button on this page. You can also contact us directly so we can book a seat for you.

  • How do I benefit from the course?

    Our courses are about advanced technologies. The solutions we teach will help you to land a great job opportunity in the IT industry. We teach the most sought after technologies. Most of the companies working in the IT sector wish that their employees understood the subjects that we are teaching. You can even use the skills ackquired to launch your own business!

  • Is it really a free course?

    Yes. For students our courses are absolutely free!

  • What are the requirements to join the course?

    Basics of JS, HTML and CSS are required. Previously acquired knowledge of other programming languages will be counted as a benefit.

  • Why only the chosen attendees will be able to join?

    At the moment we are able to offer our courses to just 20-30 people as we try to select the most motivated and inspired applicants.

  • What should I bring with me to the course?

    You should have a laptop with a suitable text editor installed. Sublime or Atom is recommended. Pen and notebook is useful for taking important notes. If our course has sauna availability, take a towel. We also recommend to recap the basics of JS to bring the syntax back fresh in your mind. With a positive, open-minded and motivated attitude you will definitely go far!

  • How will I know if I got accepted to the course?

    You will receive an invitation letter to your email and a timeframe of 48 hours to confirm your seat.

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