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    Java Developer

    You should also be comfortable with some of the following technologies: HTML 5, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Web Services, REST, JSON, XML.

    Fullstack Developer

    You should also be comfortable with some of the following technologies: Angular JS, Node JS, React JS, PHP, MySQL, Mongo DB, Jquery, AJAX.

    Digital Project Manager

    You should be familiar with digital communication management and marketing processes. You should have project management experience and ability to manage big projects. Availability to travel. Excellent communication and negotiotion skills. Advanced knowledge of Office tools.

    Software Developer

    You should also be comfortable with some of the following technologies: PHP, Python, NodeJS, MongoDB, NoSQL, relational databases, REST, JSON, SOAP. Appreciated additional skills: Linux server admin, AWS services, marketing automation, agile methods, web analytics.

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    Our jobs are all IT-related and require a wide variety of different skills. Starting from UX design, all the way to complex software engineering, we can help you find the dream developer/designer position that you've been looking for. We'll refer you to some great companies that offer truly exciting job opportunities in-line with your skills and motivation. As you send us your CV we will handpick the best matching position, while allowing you to concentrate on the initial interview.

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    In order to apply, fill the form below and kindly send us your CV that contains your technical and/or design skills together with your references. Cover letter with a brief introduction about yourself is a strong plus.

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    Ultimate Intern

    Are you eager to gain valuable experience in branding, sales, and marketing? You will be identifing new opportunities to promote the brand, establish relationships with new sales partners, help with growth strategies and attend awesome meetings.

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    We've built something special for you. If you are going down the IT path, check out our FDC AI. We are improving it all the time. We aim to provide you with best advices.

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    This is your chance to earn cash through our referral system. If you refer a friend who is a developer you can earn a 50€ reward. All you need to do is register below in our system and we will issue you a referral code, which will be used by your friend when applying for jobs through our website. Your information will not be used for any marketing purposes. With the referral code we make sure that you receive the referral reward rightfully. Upon successful hiring, we will pay you the 50€ immediately. The more developers you refer, the more chances you have to actually earn the cash reward.