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1st FDC Course

15 April

Pilot Course - Teaching React JS at Microsoft

Fast Development Company launched its first rapid coding course on the 8th of April, 2016. The course was a first of its kind in Finland and received praises from the participants, as it was deemed very successful.

FDC received an overwhelming number of applications for the first course. Unfortunately only a small portion of the applicants were chosen to participate in the course. Having partnered with Microsoft and Elisa Oyj, FDC held the pilot event at Microsoft’s headquarter in Espoo, Finland.

The course concentrated on the “React JS” framework. Fast Development Company was the first course organiser in the world to teach the latest ReactJS version, which was released on the morning of the event. The course wasn’t only about studying and learning, it also involved fun activities in which developers got to socialise and network. Thanks to Microsoft, attendees enjoyed free refreshments and food. There was also sauna available to whom were interested in indulging their senses.

Microsoft and Elisa representatives were present at the event and delivered very interesting speeches. Microsoft spoke about current operations, future business tech directions, and sub-services such as: BizSpark and Azure. Leading heads of Elisa offered career advice on what is required from developers these days, and insights on their services.

FDC is a fast-growing startup established by ambitious entrepreneurs and motivated students. Our courses are about teaching the latest programming languages and frameworks for business professionals and individuals. FDC holds the vision to provide accomplished and rapid learning experiences to develop well-equipped candidates, ready to pursue a career in relevant workplaces.

The courses are not only about teaching but also about communities and making new connections. FDC offers great concepts prevalent in web development and practical in every developers career.